About Us

Pure Streams began out of a personal desire to find new and interesting stations to listen to. Sometimes we listen to the same Christian stations all the time. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe you really love those stations. Eventually, we will want to listen to something else. Whatever that is, we believe it should be wholesome. We have done the hard work of gathering all the resources so you don’t have to.

The aim of Pure Streams is to smooth the discovery of new streaming content while acting as a centralized global directory where users can find wholesome media. At this point, media is divided into radio stations, tv stations and podcasts. These are further categorized by country, genre and language. One area that distinguishes us from other directories is that the ability for users to set default languages. This means that results will automatically be filtered by languages that you understand.

We are constantly working to improve the user experience. If you see any problems feel free to report it. You also can contribute to site by submitting new stations or podcast in our directory or even suggestions for improvement.