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Some of our most common questions are addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you still need to reach us then use the contact form or send an email

We try to review every submission within a week but things can get pretty busy, so we fall behind. If 2 weeks pass and you still have not seen your submission on the site, feel free to send us an email. Making sure your station submission is as completes as possible can speed up the review time.

Streams are not maintained by PureStreams and can go offline from time to time. Here are the most common reasons:

  • The station is experiencing technical difficulties.

  • The station has scheduled offline periods.

  • There was a change in the streaming links.

  • The station is not available in your region.

Most issues are temporary and will eventually resolve themselves. Just wait a bit and try again later. As stated above, some stations do not have a 24/7 broadcast schedule. For example, they might go offline for several hours during the late-night hours in their region. These stations will be marked as a none 24/7 broadcast.

If the issue is ongoing, let us know by going to the issues tab on the station page and click report problem. A stream that is down for an extended period will be suspended. If the stream is suspended, we will periodically check for updated broadcast information and relist the station at that time.

We support recent versions of all the popular browsers.
The main benefit of registering is it allows you to save your favourites stations and podcast for future retrieval. It also allows you to vote, like and submit reviews.
You can add or remove a listing from your favorites by toggling the heart icon on the station page or in the search results. When the heart is solid it is currently saved in your favorites list and when it is outlined it is not saved.
Currently, there is no limit in the number of items that can be added to your favorites. In the future, we might impose a limit on the number of favorites in each website category. You need to be a registered user in order to use save favorites
Currently, the website is only available in English but you can use browser options (eg. google translate) to translate the site into your desired language. All streams however, are streamed in their original language.

Only some radio stations offer song and artist information. A station that previously provided this information, may no longer provide it or changes in the stream require changes in the way we parse that information. If changes are required on our end, we might remove that feature from the station until we can review the issue in more detail.

Occasionally, stations that normally provide this information do not send the data or the data. This is normally temporary.

PureStreams is free to use. We are an advertiser and broadcaster supported service and do not charge our users for using the service.
We currently do not have any mobile apps, but we support Android and iOS devices. The site was built with mobile in mind and it should work on any mobile device or browser. The website is responsive so it will respond to the screen size of the device and rearrange elements so the design looks and works well on a smartphone or tablet.
Sometimes internet stations just stop streaming. If a station stops streaming for 30 days it will be removed from the directory. If the station begins broadcasting again it will be relisted. Station owners may also ask that their stations be removed from the directory.
Connection to the stream and buffering takes some time, which depends on the stream bitrate, location of the server and the bandwidth of your Internet connection. Just be patient. If the station has multiple streams, then try selecting a lower quality stream.
No, anyone can add a station or listing. If you create a station using a broadcaster account, then you have management right for that listing. If the station was created without a broadcaster account, then you will have to claim it to gain management rights.

Yes, you can remove your listing. If your station has stopped broadcasting or you no longer want your listing in our directory, then we can remove the listing permanently. You can also request that the station be suspended from the directory. With this option, the listing is simply hidden and all your data is preserved.

If you are a broadcaster who claimed the station, both of these are self-service options under your broadcaster account. If you are not a broadcaster on the site then you will need to contact us with proof of ownership, and we will suspend or remove the listing within 7 business days.

Yes, you can add a station without a logo. A logo is highly recommended and free logo making resources are available online. Listings without a logo will show a generic no logo image.
No, this is not currently possible. Please add or claim the stations individually.
Multiple copies of the same station are not allowed. Duplicates will be removed when found and repeat offenders may be removed from the platform. If your station has multiple streams they should all be listed under the same station. For example, if you have 3 different bitrates for the same station, they should be listed under one listing and not 3 separate listings. We currently allow up 3 streams per listing which is sufficient for most broadcasters.

Perhaps the listing was already claimed by someone else at your company. We allow multiple users to share the management of a listing. You can be added to the management list or we can change it if that person is no longer affiliated with the company. Follow the steps below and we will review the request.

  1. Make sure you are logged in

  2. Go to the listing page

  3. Click the issues tab then select “report issues on this page.“

  4. Fill out the form and make sure to select “claim issues” for the type of problem.

  5. Please provide any necessary details such as proof of employment by the broadcaster.

Once we receive your submission we will review the information.

We support streaming in MP3, AAC and WMA format. Other formats might have limited compatibility.
Whenever there is a change to your station, it is a good idea to review your station listing. While some changes are not critical, changes to the stream links can result in an immediate interruption of playback. The updates are available immediately.
Our servers are located in New York, but we also use a Content Delivery Network with servers all over the world.
PureStreams is free to use for broadcasters. We do offer additional features for those wishing to upgrade their listing. A detailed guide can be found here. This helps to cover the cost of maintaining the site.
We try to review every submission within a couple days but things can get pretty busy, so we fall behind. If 1 week passes and you still have not seen your submission on the site, feel free to send us an email. Making sure your station submission is as completes as possible can speed up the review time.
If you are logged in then you can click your name/username in the top right part of the screen to reveal the account link. You can also access it by going here.

Do you have still have questions? Contact us